Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Technical codes


Camera movement, angle and shot distance all need to be analysed. How the camera is used and how images are sequenced will have a significant impact upon meaning. Camera movement accompany movement of performer e.g. walking, dancing. May also be used to create a more dynamic feel to stage performance. Close up in tv creates a sense of  for thew viewer. It also emphasizes half of the commodity on scale (not just the song, but the artists and particularly the voice).


Most common form of editing associated with the music promo is fast cut montage, rendering many of the images impossible to grasp on first viewing thus ensuring multiple viewing. Slow pace and gentler transitions to establish mood. Often enhancing the editing images are digital effects which play with the original images to offer different kinds of pleasure for the audience.
Examples: split screens, colourisation, block buster film style, CGI

Development of technical codes

The key innovation in the development of the modern music video was of course video recordings and editing processes, development of effects such as chroma-key, green/blue screen. High quality colour video tape recorders and portable video cameras enabled artists to produce promos quickly and cheaply.

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