Sunday, 12 October 2014

You Me At Six anaylis

This music video contains a lot of stage performance. The whole video mostly focuses on the band playing but also some bits of the band playing at concert. In side each member of the band is faintly the band playing at a concert. The members of the band are almost like silhouettes fading in and out. This could connect with the demand of the record label for example the band are seen throughout the whole of the video but where they are like silhouettes they are a bit hard to see suggesting that they don't have to be seen that much to be recognised and that they are known well. There is a lot of close ups of the main signer but also of all of the other band me members showing that they are all important as well rather then just the main signer. The way the music video is black and white might suggest their sort of style. The way that there is a concert playing in the silhouettes could suggest that they are promoting their concerts and showing what they are like.

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