Saturday, 13 December 2014

Lower than Atlantis

Throughout this music video there is only stage performance no narrative at all. At the start of the video the lights flash on and off in time with the beat. We faintly see silhouettes of people standing there ready to play. There our four members of the band. The cuts are very quick and doesn't spend more than a couple of second on the band. The band are playing in a blacked out room that looks isolated. They are surrounded by lights which flash on and off in time with the beat. This video only focuses on the band showing who they are. This could  represent the demand of the record label and that they have to be seen to be known unlike big artists.There are special effects that have been added in for example slow motion in time with the beat to show how long it was. All the shots are mostly equal but there is a bit more shots of the lead signer.  

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